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The multiple components of meditation


__________J.J. Thiret__________ you referred to, um, monkey resident and, someone else use that, um, phrase with me but they called it monkey thoughts and the monkey thoughts for all the, thoughts that invade our heads so I don't know if that's what you meant by that. But, monkey wisdom tell us about that. __________Tom Von Deck__________ There's a common concept to Buddhism called the monkey mind, a, and the, the mangas like a monkey that swings from tree to tree grabbing this fruit grabbing that fruit, and that, meditation is the art of taming that, taming that monkey, so, when you tame that monkey it turns into wisdom, and, and that monkey is not tamed by, tying it up or anything, throwing in the closet or anything or trying to, shut it down or that, you tame the monkey mind by being, conscious of your mind, that conscious of your ex-, of your moment to moment experience as it arises in to consciousness. __________Tom Von Deck__________ So there are two components to meditation there is, concentration which I like them to falling in love and then there is mindfulness which is, being present with, experience, as it happens and that improves thoughts, that improves emotions, that improves, sensations in the body, a-and whatever's going on externally and, and your, your calmly observing it, as a detach observer even though your participant in life too. J.J. Thiret: So the mind fullness you, related that tell us again into falling in love? __________Tom Von Deck__________ falling in love is the concentration part of, of, often in the meditation technique you're focusing on something, it could be a word or a phrase, or your own breath, or sensations in the body, J.J. Thiret: hmm. -- Tom Von Deck: And the, and you want to, you want to connect deeply with whatever it is that your focusing on, and, two lovers they connect very deeply. __________J.J. Thiret__________ hmm. __________Tom Von Deck__________ If you are just talking to your mailman you're not connecting very deeply with your mailman. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Okay, yeah. __________Tom Von Deck__________ Well so uh, medi- , so that's why I like in meditation to falling in love, that you're making it, you're making a deep, connection that, that increases throughout your practice. __________J.J. Thiret__________ And you are hyper focused on that. __________Tom Von Deck__________ Yeah.

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