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Energy healing is truly the best thing for any person to heal


One of my reasons energy healing practices such as Reiki contemn touch, etc. I am actually very biased because I am a Reiki practitioner. And I most, every kill of detox occasions specialist, [inaudible], and acupunctures. So it's all energy healing. I would say EFT which is acupuncture with needles. So it's all energy. No apologies but yes I am biased. And I am totally forward. Energy healing is original healing or original medicine. It is not alternative as it has been called all over. It is original. Pharmaceutical stuff is all alternative. It is alternative to whatever was available in those days. In South Africa, it's got a name phrase [Buddharat]. [Buddharat] is what the [inaudible], the medicines of the [inaudible]. Just like a [inaudible] of any other sort of drive or culture group had old medicinal values and mixtures and concoctions and all natural stuff. It was designed to made by [inaudible] or whoever was responsible for it. And in early days it's probably a doctor or a pharmacist. But that was all original stuff. It's all natural stuff. And unfortunately for [inaudible] and the way [inaudible] human beings. Not a bad thing at all. I am not saying it is. It's just that, take a natural stuff and see how we can make it more and make money out of it. That's a problem that I have with it but that's not what where I'd be nastier. My views are that energy healing is truly, truly the best things in life's spirit. I can't think of any other way for any person to heal. In acupuncture, in EFT, we say that we go and we treat the cause instead of the symptoms as oppose to what we getting with modern medicine. It's that we treat the symptoms. We don't actually drink a tablet. A tablet does not know where the problem rise. Why do we have a headache? It just numbs the pain. It just stops the signal from going to the brain to say Okay, there's a pain there but now you don't feel it anymore. But the pain still remains, it's just been loathed or numb. So we need to find out what the cause is. And that's what energy healing does. Energy healing goes to the cores and not to the symptom. Because we're quiet intelligent bodies that can heal itself. We just have to stop putting poisons and toxins in it. So this is my advice to you in energy healing. Hope you enjoy it.

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