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Proper decision making and trauma


_________Cynthia Sue Larson_________ So, I do work with people and what you may call life style changes as well as these transitions times when they're going through something that's traumatic or challenging, changing relationships, change of careers, just deciding what to do next and sometimes it can be hard to trust intuition in those times. It's nice to get a second opinion to get some validation. _________ J.J. Thiret _________ Yeah, in fact they see their hierarchy of trauma that people can experience in their lives and more you know more you further down. You know how everybody is different, you know how strong lasts...trauma would be. And, they do recommend people not make any decisions for at least a month of two until you' know, because you won't know like an old widow, she'll give away all of her money because her head is spinning from the loss. So, in those kind of cases you help people to get grounded again, right? _________Cynthia Sue Larson_________ Exactly, yes. To connect to a sense of themselves, to whom they really are, so that they can feel a sense of happiness with their lives, no matter what's going on. And to connect to what's going well, what they appreciate and to get back in touch with their true sense of purpose and identity.

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