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The journey in yoga is different for everyone


______________________JJ Thiret_____________________________ do you get students that come in and say, well, "jenny, how long is it gonna take me before I can do this pose how long will I have to practice?" Or "how long is it gonna be before I'm gonna really start to feel what you're talking about" "how long before I'm gonna learn how to breathe correctly and my posture and I just don't feel right" and "how long is this gonna take?" _________________________Jennie Lee________________________ Jennie Lee: um, well some students asks that and certainly of someone else that I would start with the teaching around non attachment because really we're, we can't be attached to a particular resolve we have to just invest ourselves in the process and the journey for any one person is gonna be different from any other person so I had students who have very restricted and reversed breath and they've learned really beautiful, relaxed, and open breathing strategies in their first lesson, other people because of their history, because of their constitution, because of some mental hang ups that maybe they have or, or deep attachments, they, they a lot longer so it really is very individual.

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