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The journey from school drop-out and drug addict to respected psychologist


__________Kristina Diener__________ This was 1967, 60's, 66, 67 in the I height of the summer of love and I, I have fanatical interest in people and this uh during the hippie area tune in drop out etc.. And my uncle told that me that uh, if I wanted to be psychologist I could. So, that was a protracted process for me but at some point I-I really didn't chipped the train this is ridic-, this is my life's dream so I-I specialize in traumatic stress with an emphasis on abusive and any kind of assault, sexual assaults, assault uh, ailing disorders, addictions of any kind I, I've been in recovery since 1975 __________Kristina Diener__________ And I don't have much of a choice because I overdosed when I was 15. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Oh my goodness __________Kristina Diener__________ And um, Well, that's-that's would have to happen, that was the trajectory J.J. and after that so I go back and to school and you know this is before the ad min of an internet and information highway so I'm- we had, we had the uh, the land lines that you know plug into a wall right? So I was deactivating the phone unplugging it I was intercepting the mail because the school is trying to inform my parents of my truancy. __________Kristina Diener__________ So they never got, they never got the memos and the day that I supposed to graduate they discovered that- that wasn't happening, because they asked me well you said you were going to school? I said yes I did, but you never asked me if I was going to class. __________J.J. Thiret__________ (giggles) __________Kristina Diener__________ Well that was the end of that. The only person my family never graduated from high school or [??] but who cares. No, no shoes no shirts no service right but you know no G.D.E. no high school diploma it can be done, if you want to do something you would have to do it.

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