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Energy healing practices can remove what is blocking your energy flow


Hi it's Linda Hallet, I am a certified reiki healer although most of my energy work has been distance healing and I incorporate crystals and stones and try and pick a meditation that I feel resonates with the person that I'm doing the healing for and I do some healing with him most as well I believe that any form of energy work is beneficial it what it does is it moves the resistance the stuck areas in our bodies and that energy worker can help you move through those whether it's an aromatherapy massage or a reike healing, (inaudible) work, Indian head massage whatever that is there's so many different healers out there with different practices, we can hold beliefs in us even if it's far back as from our ancestors we're not even aware that we're holding this beliefs we have many, many beliefs that we brought in to from our parents or grandparents, experience is deep within our (inaudible) make up and the energy work will help to release that the energy itself that's stuck it's need to be addressed it needs to be cleanse there are times when processing through counselor and you can talk about it for months and all it will take is months actually than energy worker and bingo the block is just moved, the emotions are released and you're left feeling much (inaudible) and lighter and you have an understanding of where this block was created energy work is paramount coming in to the dimension that we're going to be moving in to it's for this going to be all about and it's not necessary that the person be on a table in a massage room the energy itself is available through the vibration (inaudible) and we can heal that way so again whatever you're guided to that's the place to start and prove that works for you.

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