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What makes people truly happy?


Hi! Im Janietzche. What makes people truly happy? There are quite a number of things and varied number of things for different people but one of the things that I know brings happiness which is a global one for so many people is love. You just have to look for people who are in love to know how ecstatically happy they are within. People who are in love with life, in love with someone or something, with themselves exude an energy that everyone wants to be around, people who are able to assist other people, help people in other ways. Ive noticed that people who do a lot of voluntary work are truly happy people. It gives them a level of satisfaction and fulfillment that no paying job can ever give you and the rewards that spin from that when you get feedback from those that you have helped and assisted is truly priceless. So, from my point of view, that certainly one that gives a lot of people very happy. Beauty. Anything thats considered beautiful also are things that generally make people happy, whether it would be nature, birds. For me for instance. I absolutely love rainbows. Rainbows! Rainbows! When I see a rainbow, I am so happy I barely. know what to do with myself. I would be any happier if there would be three of me. So, rainbows for me is something that just makes me ecstatically happy. Making love is something else that makes people happy. Some people, not everybody is , but yes, it is also something that truly releases and brings out that feeling of happiness for a lot of people. Some strange things and sources of happiness? Well , thats quite an interesting one. I can only obviously speak about my personal experiences and some of the people that I know. But I know people who go completely insanely happy just because they can urinate. That if this was a body function but they did not have it would take something out of their lives, truly. For myself I cant think of anything specifically but there are, Ive noticed about happy people is that, people who are truly happy are happy from within. They are happy with who they are and where they are and their life. And because of that, everything else on the outside generates so much more happiness for them. So, getting to that space of being {inaudible} happy is I think probably a lifelong goal for a lot of people and yet there are some people who are just naturally and automatically happy people. They wake up happy, theyre happy internally, theyre always smiling and laughing. Even in the moments when they are sad, they are happy, believe it or not. So, happiness, there are so many sources and ways to be to be happy, to be truly happy, wherever you are, whomever you are with. My wish today is that each and everyone of you watching this video finds happiness. Happiness in as many different and various experiences in your lives as you possibly can.

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