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The importance of emotional lntelligence and the iq


So, what is emotional intelligence and why is it important? Is emotional IQ ever rated? Or take what i think, that look as an 8 year old, I was a tall boy{inaudible} retarded. This is not very encouraging, is it? {inaudible} In my preteen stage, {inaudible} indicated it. In fact, I wasnt, I had a very high IQ its {inaudible}. I could have been an average but not quite a genius. In any case, so the IQ is okay but what the about EQ, the emotional quotient? But look, emotional quotient to my mind and according to {inaudible}is the single factor that differentiates those who are successful from those who arent. And you get two people that have exactly the same intelligence but one person for example, perseveres with the problem and because they {inaudible} emotional quotient, they will see the problem through to his emotion. So clearly, having emotional IQ or EQ is not overrated but is fundamentally {inaudible} your success. And in fact, you find {inaudible} both on IQ and EQ. If you got an EQ which is off the scale, in other words, its really high and you got a {inaudible} low IQ, then you probably got , somebody whos going to be quite successful. Where is if you got somebody with a really low emotional quotient and a very high IQ, might not be successful at all because they would be largely theoretical. And one time, this employer, I've been employed a lot of staff that have very high IQs and that {inaudible} university and studied and {inaudible} and passed all kinds of tests but when it comes to the practical application, {inaudible} emotional quotient and they really havent been able to apply {inaudible}. So, it only shows that emotional intelligence would be much more capable at everyday applications than somebody who isn't. And this is revealed in business {inaudible} where we find very often we have people that really {inaudible} at school who {inaudible} employer. So here, emotional quotient is not at all overrated, its fundamental to success if you got loads and loads of it, then you probably going to be really successful. And if you haven't, well then you need to learn more emotional IQ or EQ {inaudible} and adults and other behaviors and growth required to improve the aspect of your {inaudible} and your performance. If you do, if you like to invest the time to develop this aspect of yourself, I think what youll find is that you {inaudible}with high IQs. It will make you a much more capable person and there are probably increase in {inaudible}. A person cleaning {inaudible} and a variety store, an imaginary {inaudible} manager and the top three {inaudible} in the country that I live in. So, if you wanna get there and I havent got there through educational training in my case. I got there through {inaudible} on the job and {inaudible} master all of the different activities that{inaudible}. So absolutely, you can use EQ to get there and I wish you well in your journey.

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