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A very healthy relationship will pull out the worst in you


Really healthy relationships will pull out the worst in you two. And I feel like this is very unknown fact with really healthy and successful relationships. Because usually the first sign is something going wrong. You'll be uncomfortable people come and go. Whoahh, whoahh, whoahh! That's not what I signed up for your [crazy], I'm out of here. But relationships set to this and not make us feel uncomfortable. They're actually pulling up the crap and the insecurities that are already there with or without them. And you're helping us to see ourselves in a new life and to basically address things that we normally couldn't address with just friends and family. Personal relationships in terms of being like intimate relationships. They have the ability to go much deeper. And it's a great personal growth too. I think we should all take advantage of it. Rather than running away from the problems or running away from the challenge to run towards it. Don't interpret something not going well or you're on different pages or there's a challenge as a bad thing or that they're not the right fit for you. I strongly believe that too many people walk away from relationships that are actually perfect for them just because they don't like the feelings that are being brought up and the challenges that have been brought up the surface. They don't like what they're seeing when the mirror's been reflected back to them. And you know really, either do with or without the particular person, or you're under protecting another person, you'll have to deal it with then. So why not deal with the one you're with. Having said that, there's certain relationships that you should just walk away from. And so it's kind of like an intuitive knowing, you just going to go with your gut on that. Is this something that's my stuff or is it their stuff? Do I have something to learn from it or is this just something, you know, the learning is maybe just walking away. That's individual and only you can understand and answer that question for yourself. But I think one of the biggest things that we do is that we walk away from really amazing relationships. Because we feel that being uncomfortable is wrong within them. They're actually just bringing up the crap that we should look out in order to move through and sort of grow.

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