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Reaction of a person with ptsd


__________________Dr. Cheryl Arutt________________ I see you looking at that situation as an issue of the right brain and the left brain not communicating well with each other. And I think that is interesting way of looking at it. On what I find with a lot of people who where on that situation where a car backfires is that for a second they often to have an exaggerated startle response. Their body is hyper vigilant. ________________JJ Thiret_____________ Hyper sensitive yeah _______________-Dr. Cheryl Arutt_______________ But what happened in that first moment in that split second their body has already dumped a ton of adrenaline and cortisol, stress hormone coursing through the blood stream. So even though very rapidly, mentally they able to go, "Ahhh that was a car back throwing. I don't ... you know I am not in danger". They still have to wait. Probably almost an hour for their body to reabsorb all of the energy that they gave it to fight as if they were in combat and not only is this really exhausting, in case a lot of wear and tear on them physically and mentally but they are still really frustrated because they do know as you said, you know from the eyebrows up, they know that this is not that. And they know that very quickly but their body can't catch up and settle down. It doesn't stand down quickly enough. And it's very frustrating to a lot of people who go through that.

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