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How to gradually incorporate a healthy meditating practice in your life


You know, some of my strategies that I use to create a healthy meditation practice. At the beginning, when I start meditating, I found that phone always rings and goes off at the wrong time. It was cold and it was hot. My body was very fidgety. And I developed strange itches all over my body. My kids disturb me. And I found that it's quite disconcerting. And so I decided to try and develop ways that will keep my mind busy and also allow me to calm down and set my body again so I could begin to start to meditate and really learn about meditation. I found that breathing helps so I developed some healthy breathing strategies based on Tai Chi and Chi Gong. I informed myself of different meditating practices and I really informed myself on why is the mind so busy? Why does the mind have so much to say? And why can't the mind calm down? And I discovered after reading many books and many philosophies that the mind does not stop. In fact, it never will. So, it's a matter of just observing what the mind has to say and having simple strategies or simple questions that you can ask your mind in the way of trying to calm it down. And one of the things that I developed was when a question would pop or something would pop in my mind, I would say, "And where does that come from?" At the beginning, I would go back as far as I could in my subconscious to try and figure out where that particular thought came from and I found that it can come from anywhere. Any moment that happens, in my mind would go to the next question. And after a while, the questions became fewer and fewer and my mind starts to settle in. You can also allow to set up a routine for, you know, a healthy meditation practice. I started very small, lots of five minutes at a time. And I now found that I needed more so five minutes became ten. Ten became fifteen and fifteen became half an hour and sometimes an hour felt comfortable for me. You know, I found that I needed an hour for my meditation practice, I made sure that in my life I find [inaudible] was not there to disturb me. I have informed everybody around me that I needed at least one hour to meditate. I've created a safe place in my house for me to meditate in. And with this practice and with these strategies, I found that I was allowing myself the privilege and allowing myself the time to meditate which I think is the key to a healthy meditative practice is to say that I need and I am creating a healthy space to meditate in.

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