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The far reaching and profound effects of trauma


'----------Madison-------- So say someone had a traumatic experience that they go through, like a car accident, well use that since we already discussed that earlier. And what they have been dealing with after that they don't know why, but you are able to make a connection between their ailments they were feeling, they were expressing, their body's feeling and make that connection to that specific event, to that car accident that had happen years prior and work with them to release those ailments. ---------Adam Adams--------- We have to release the energy surrounding it land I'm going to give you an example that's not related to the body. The event of 2001, 9/11/2001, was it 2001? ------------Madison------- 2001, yeah ----------Adam Adams------- Where huge psychological trauma not just for Americans but for the entire western world to any human being with a heartm and following that it was natural for people to go to a state of high intensity alert. We didn't know what was coming next. We didn't know if there's going to be war; we could expect planes to be flying into buildings at any moment, bombs going off in the subway, all kinds of things. And the mind by the way is very good at creating movies and tricks and attaching emotions into them and then people are scared. And what's happened is in the intervening 12years, 11 ? - 12 years is that the media has continued to fuel that, we have a perpetual orange alert, we've never been back to green state of alertness and consequently, we are at a higher psychological level, functioning in a state of readiness, state of we could be attacked in any moment. We read in the news, we see in the T.V., Yemen is a problem we find out that there is trouble in Somalia, we found out that American Forces, these brave young men and women are being deployed in increasingly dangerous spots all over the world and it is in some level terrifying. ----------Madison--------- It's a lot of stress. ---------Adam Adams---------- That's a lot of stress, and that's just from watching the news, that's not actually going out and confronting terrorists in our day to day existence.That's just being aware of what's going on the wider world that raises our blood pressure, raises our heart rate and what happens is what's called the sympathetic nervous system which regulates the vital fight response kicks in and "I'm ready, I am ready. Let's go there's an attack imminent" and that's just watching the news.

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