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Connecting to your emotions and releasing feelings


'----------Adam Adams-------- The thing I would like to share people I think is tremendously important is this. Emotions are basically short lived, unless they resisted. If they resisted, they store in the body, and then an especially true for that emotions and a stored emotion as Candice Spurb is an excellent scientist proven actually stored in the body and can be toxic, you are literally, literally. Biographically representing your experiences in the body, and so when you are feeling something, in sense of thinking I should have feel that. It's not appropriate for me to feel that. Now, I am going to stop it down, I am going to pretend it never happened, find a way to release it, find a way to let it go, and I would recommend tapping as a good way to do it or hypno ? therapy, is a good way to do it. NLP has something's that can help. But felt with something that just accepts that it's a dative feel. Because what we've moved away from it is a culture is being a feeling coacher, humane coacher, and we are also truthfully, though I am not qualified to diagnose that rumors for the line associate how about the things now? Where death and blood, and murder, child abuse, where almost desensitize to these things. Why could we can't feel because it's too much if I start feeling then it's just going to pour out of me, and I am never going to stop? And that is not true, it's not true. You want to find your way back to God? If God means anything to you, then release, if you want to live a healthy along the life and love you Jack Welcsh and respect to you. But if you Jack, even now, even now! Jack Welsch is in my chair, I can get ten years off I am just by showing how to release feelings.

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