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We all need help, all we have to do is have the courage to ask


When do we know its the right time to seek the support of a counselor, coach, psychologist or other healer? I mean, often when were sick, we seek a doctor. When we feel sad or blue, we talk with our friends or family. But when its not enough particularly with your friends and family and your support network? Its a tough question because oftentimes we feel bad about needing to seek support. But what you should know is that, no one can do it alone. Everybody needs help and most importantly, all of us including those of us who have taken our path or leadership or have shown themselves to be like doing some easy things out there. We all have our dark days. We all have our tough times and one of the easiest thing to do but also the hardest thing to do is to ask for help. We dont just ask for help.We just say clearly who you are, what youre going through, what you need. In sharing vulnerability, you will find that people will respond . Sharing vulnerability is one of the surest ways of deeper profound connection and that connection really can elevate people to new way of thinking and a new way of behaving. So, in your life you explore every avenue. You talk to various people about the different things you need and if youre feeling that youre not at a point where its working out for you or youre not getting enough resolution, then yeah, that will be the time to seek the support of somebody who can help you. At the same time when people who really care about you and truly love you suggest that you may want to seek that, thats a good sign. Even at the first time, for the second or third time, maybe several of them. Those are all great signs that tell you that maybe you should seek extra help from other people. Lastly, whats gonna happen when you recognize needs. So, when you feel the need that I need help. I need support. And if you can hopefully, {inaudible} thats a great first step.Then thats the step where you need to take it one step forward behind besides just thinking it and actually acting upon it and seeking the support that you need. Because again, we all need help . Help us out there and all we have to do is the courage to ask . So, I encourage you to seek support when you need it and be courageous enough to ask the question.

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