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The effectiveness of e.m.d.r. and its roots


__________J.J. Thiret__________ tell me I would like you to talk about the E.M.D.R. Im a little bit familiar with the E.M.D.R. and. __________Kristina Diener__________ Okay. __________J.J. Thiret__________ I'm familiar with that a woman while she was walking and was looking at things and kind __________Kristina Diener__________ Oh. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Of moving her eyes from side to side __________Kristina Diener__________ Doctor Shapiro? __________J.J. Thiret__________ Doctor Shapiro right. __________Kristina Diener__________ I believe she, I believe she was uh, she suffered from cancer and she-she was watching birds or something like that and her eyes were going back and forth and she started feeling better, something happened and she started doing a lot of research on it there is so much research on the E.M.D.R. it's used on vets etc.. It really does work I mean it's not magic you can't just come in once, but it's a protracted process and it does work though uh, [?dockphile?] therapy is also called [tachialian] technique that's [?] you can use that on yourself you cannot use E.M.D.R. on yourself. __________J.J. Thiret__________ So I can't take this object here and turn. __________Kristina Diener__________ And neither can I, neither can I uh. __________J.J. Thiret__________ And how did, how did Miss Shapiro stumble upon it when she was actually doing it kind of to herself by watching? __________Kristina Diener__________ Kind of yes but she starts to something happened in her mind in her brain something happened and she started doing research with other people __________J.J. Thiret__________ Oh, I got you. __________ Kristina Diener__________ Uh, probably uh, interns and uh, there is so much research on it, doctor Shapiro is a genius so when I did all the seminars of course she facilitated them and um I've been practicing it lets see probably, 2004, 2005 I love it and uh, we can also use it with addictions.

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