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The best time to seek help is when you're trying to get results


So when is the right time? I would say that if you have been trying to get results yourself and it's just not working out for you then it's time to meet somebody to help you to see the wood of the tree if you like. One of the best thing that of having a fresh paradise, a fresh perspective is knowing that they can be in passion and they can be objective and they can probably see a lot of things that they don't just see. A lot of us are blinds but a lot of us see things as they are, based on oppose section and based on off field surface of world. And so when you enlist of help the coach or mentor, they can help you to see that some of your thinking maybe faulty or some of your premises might be faulty. And I think that the key and determinant of whether you should be enlist help is when you feel like Okay, I've been doing this for a long time now or short time, doesn't necessarily have to be a long time that you're waiting. And you think I actually could just spend a fit with somebody else. And I think that it's important to pick somebody who is impassioned. For that reason that if you talk to a friend, or family member, even though their intentions would be for very best and they only want the best for you. Sometimes those invidious would have the best interest with whatever it is that you want. And in fact, can sometimes color the way that they will help you. And to ensure that you got the results for you that will help you to serve at the highest level and to help people form at the highest people, it is important that you find a coach that will know what is important to you and keep you aligned to that rather than other people's interest. My experience, I have worked with number of coaches and mentors over the years and I found them to be a massive benefit. I specifically have a health coach for a period of time and it was interesting because I kind of went to a long thinking, she I going to help me with my health. I actually have such a wide ranging impact on [authoraries] of my life. And I just thought Wow, that was really phenomenal!. See I might be looking for help for finances or relationships or health or business and the beauty of that coach is about asking you challenging questions. Though asked you things that you may not want necessarily to ask yourself. But you know you should. And that really for me is the great benefit. I think that there's so many people out there who really need help, not in the sense of unscrewing up, I'm certainly not saying that I'm screwed up that's why I have these coaches but in the sense spot, we want to be more who we are in this world. We want to be more of what we are here to do, what is our mission and purpose on earth. So if I need help to get there then I'm going to get that help. I have nothing to be afraid of and you know I think that I certainly know that I feel privileged and honored to work with my clients because they trust me to help them in that journey. So I think that it's something that your giving yourself huge gift. It's a massive gift. And I think it's such a beautiful thing that you could do for yourself is to get that help. No, you will find people say to you Oh, getting a coach, why do you need that? Why, is there something wrong with you?. And you know what you can just say No, I'm fine as I am. I'm just looking to be a better version of myself. A higher version of myself. Whether you choose to rephrase that. So you know, the right you're going to know. And the reason why I say there is probably a right time because I've also spoke with a lot of people who are not ready when at that point they need that help. So they'll be very close of and they'll be open to potential opportunities and benefits of coaching and healing. And so I really do think that it is important that there is a secure time but like I said earlier, you don't have to be waiting years or months either if you know you know what I've only been doing this business for six months and I need help because otherwise I'm just going to carry on doing this in the next 2 year when I could really shorten the learning curve. Then trust me, it's the right time for you.

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