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Freedom and happiness combined results to many great things


This is a really interesting question to me, I think happiness and freedom are the two things that when you ask people what they want to be in life or what inspire to is to be happy and to be free and yet when you asked most people what it means to them they cant define it, I started a blog three years ago, which really challenge me to find one meaningful thing in my life every day and one of the things that I wrote about which was really pertinence me at a time was what, what is happiness mean to me and the conclusion that I came to was that it was just being in any given moment without wanting to alter that moment defend it, control it or contain it and I think too many of us these days give happiness and freedom attributes so things that makes us happy and its how we feel free as supposed to really defining what happiness means so I, I watch an interview recently about scientist that are trying to measure happiness which is quite interesting because I, Im not scientist but it was around through the dopamine and the serotonin levels of the brain and what was quite interesting was that whether you are an office worker seating at your desk doing a task but thinking about something else or on the golf course and thinking about something else the happiness quotient is the same across both what are then lack us was somebody in the office workers seating at their desk doing a task and focus on the task versus somebody on the golf courses about something else and what transpire was that the office worker who is focus on the task happiness quotient was a lot higher than the individual on the golf course thinking about something else so the conclusion sort of that I got from there was that staying in a moment and being truly present and consciously in a moment goes a long way towards happiness and Ive definitely found that in my own life is that when I met my happiest is by being in a moment and being conscious, conscious of it and being grateful for it I think so often you are in a mode of happiness and you look at already time to catch to that moment so you already really getting that to something thats not historical and have, having gone paused that moment so I think true happiness for most people when you (inaudible) comes down the simple things in life its your nephews love or your daughter hugging you its spending time with family and friends , its the first time storm in spring I think happiness is what we choses to be and how that affects us and how we feel about ourselves and everything around us I dont happiness is something that can be applied (inaudible) to everybody in the same method whats I do know is that happiness is something we all aspire to and that I hope when we achieved those moments that we enjoy them for what they are.

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