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Be happy even if your life is full of challenges


Happiness. Well as the teaching goes, happiness is an inner state of being. What that means essentially? Is it completely non-reliant on the external circumstances of our lives? So that means things don't have to be going to plan. They don't have to be going well. Things can be going pretty badly and we still have the power to be happy within ourselves. And if I were to sum up all of the teachings in happiness, I would just tell them into five main points. The things that will help us to get the best inner state of well being regardless of what's going on in our world. So the first is to be true to yourself. And I'm sure that you've heard that before and it's not new to you. It is vital. What it means essentially is you need to stop caring so much about what other people think of you. Get in touch with what matters truly to you. What would light your life off. And live your life according to that. Stop looking for the approval of others because that won't give you the kind of happiness. That deep seizure of happiness that you're looking for. The second thing is to have a positive mental attitude. Again not new, absolutely vital though. And it can be difficult when things are, you know, when out of circumstances aren't going according to plan. It can be difficult to have a positive mental attitude. But it is important because our thought determine how we feel. You can't be thinking that's your fault about your life and feel good. It is impossible. And likewise you can't be thinking positive about your life and feel bad. So you need to monitor your thoughts. You know, if you're not feeling happy, monitor your thoughts. Identify the negativity and [inaudible]. Now, a key that can help with that is gratitude. [Inaudible]. Make a list of the things in your life, because there are positives. There might not be all positives but there are some positives. Make a list of the positives. I mean every find your set in this slum book and unable to check your thoughts into positive place take out that list and read over. Read over a few times if you need to. To help yourself. Shift your mind set back into more positive way. The third is living in the present. It's about [inaudible]. So again this is not new too. It's important because the presents is all we have. We can't go back and read the past. We don't know where we're going around in the future. So worrying about what might happen. Or looking back either fondly or crackly what happened in the past and comparing what's now isn't going to help either. You need to foster a fence of acceptance of what is right now. Again gratitude and just deal with what's in front of you right now. And have the intention to enjoy what is in front of you right now. That, you know, might seem strange but everyday I just set attention to be happy and apiece within no matter what is going on around me. The fourth one is live a purpose life. And this doesn't mean that you need to be the next Mother Theresa. It just means find a way of being of service to others. It really will help you to feel better within yourself. It takes you focus of yourself especially when you're feeling down. It's a good thing to do. Put your tension on others who need help in someway and be of service. And then the last thing, to consciously raise your vibration. And what I mean by that is we are all energetic vibrations where energy vibrations at different frequencies. The frequency of happiness is high and sadness is low. We know that [inaudible]. So do things that will actually raise your vibration that includes insight meditation. Singing, listening to upbeat music. Be careful because music can drive you down as well. Movement, so dance, exercise, yoga, whatever you enjoy doing, do it. Find a couple of practices. And you know energy raising, vibration raising practicing and incorporate them into your weekly routine chosen. I hope this of help. Thank you.

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