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The best healing is when you choose to heal


I think the best healing and the only healing really is when you choose to heal. So, healing is there for everyone all the time whenever they wanted just to choose to allow. And sometimes we choose it through going to some healer like an energy healer who does reiki or quantum touch or any kind of energy healing and originally, any kind of {inaudible}therapist and if you feel like that will help you and you haven't talk to God then its your choice to allow healing to come. So technically, you can get healing for anything. So, if you choose that you want to do something really nice for yourself like go and have a cup of tea and you choose that this is going to be fine for you to allow healing and whatever happens at that time is the right thing and you trust that you're getting the healing, then you can have healing endlessly. I think people who practice energy healing have really good intentions and they kind of help or can allow to open space to allow healing for you when you're in their presence when they're doing their work and and you're lying there {inaudible}.So yeah, its a good thing ,well, if not essential to healing. We can all have healing that everybody chooses. Thank You.

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