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Parallel life


Hi, it's Linda Hallett. I have a belief that not only do we live parallel lives but that when we express the different parts of our personalities, we are actually bringing forward parts of a past life possibly part of the future life. I feel that when this seems to be evident particularly in a close relationship with a person. And I experienced this myself, I've experienced this many times actually, but very important if we're having disagreement with someone we may see the response that it's a little bit different than they would present if they were expressing love with us. And I had occasion to witness this with another person and this individual had, I would say probably four different personalities. Three were very prominent. One was a personality that was kind of know it all. It was very very knowledgeable, was researching 24 hours a day. And this person presented as someone that I knew in a lifetime when I was in Atlantis. And I begin to suddenly see when he's expressing himself this way. I would see him from [inaudible]. There was another lifetime from 1400 that I feel is where the love connection happened. His voice would change, his voice becomes softer. He would be agreeable, he was very loving. And I would begin to see and feel that personality that was being expressed from this lifetime from the 1400's. And the third personality that presented was a person that we had a very short lifetime. He actually physically would change in front of me. When he was expressing this very nasty personality. Very bitter was woman. And that was not necessary the way he want to present in this lifetime in the year 2012 however that was coming up. And I felt very strong maybe because I was in totally picking up these lifetimes. And then I would feel a shift when something would move out and something else would come in. So that's kind of belief that I have. And not only that I think we're also experiencing parallel lifetimes at the same time. So it's no wonder that some of this get all mess up because life can really be complicate. But that's kind of, if you're looking at someone you're in a relationship with and you're wondering where it's coming from all of a sudden. Maybe it's not in really in this lifetime that they're expressing. That's just my belief.

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