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Hi, this is Linda Guirey, the Choice Champion. And Im sharing with you and I think you believe that I have that strength or unique. Well, I talk about choice because I face a life changing event some years ago and many of us will. Not many many of us will face the life changing event that I did. When after many years ago, a lovely marriage, happy marriage with three kids, my husband said six words to me that were changing my life forever. He said, I want to become a woman. Now, my life stopped to that point. Temporarily, everything went silent as you can imagine how I was feeling that, theres so much in your life you have no control over and we get slapped in the face with something unexpected. We go to a rough of emotions and so many of us make decisions in that moment when the emotions are a wash. But I dont and I didnt. I engaged my rational pride I really investigated what this all meant. I know what my emotions were telling me but I owed it to so many people including my kids and my husband, to really understand what Im dealing with before I can do anything. Then, I looked at my values. What where my highest values which were my kids and my family and the incredible relationship Ive had with my husband to that point. So, my decision to stay, to redefine that relationship, to grieve the lost of my husband that I was gaining a sister and thats not the same and the kids {inaudible} and {inaudible. We redefined that and lived for another 7 more years in a very happy and unique relationship, me, the kids, him and an aunt. I share my story now as I speaker author, trainer because its about the choices that we make and how we make those choices. Courage is making the hard decisions and living with the outcome. A lot of people think Im inspirational. I just made the decision that I felt was right for myself and the children and my husband and I have no regrets. I believe you create your life one choice at a time. I am a much more confident person. I have grown as a person. I live everyday as a beautiful day because of what I went through. It wasnt an easy journey. It was a unique one and you learn from those experiences. If youre gonna blame other people in your situation, you will never learn. You will never grow as a person. So, my story is unique. My focus is on choice, I think we all know we got choices. We just dont know how to make the good ones. Make everyday count, you dont know whats round the corner and when it hits you in the face, take time before you actually go down any {inaudible}. I wish you well. Have a good life!

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