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Secrets to a healthy relationship : develop good relationship with ourselves


For me, the biggest thing and the main secret if you like to a healthy relationship is to first of all, cultivate and develop a healthy relationship with yourself. And by that I mean, it's really and truly accepting ourselves. As we are worth it. It's about becoming awareness and in-awareness of you know who we are. Knowing that we are more than our circumstances. Knowing that we are more than our problems. So, when we develop self-love. I mean, self-love is so important. It's not something that were not told in school particularly. And so, self-love for me is just accepting ourselves just as we are. It's about accepting our personality. Its about accepting our faults and our emotions. And just being in acceptance of who we are. Knowing that we may have some thoughts that maybe don't serve us but for us not to get into judgement about that. Not to, you know, beat ourselves off with self-criticism etc. So, that's really, really important to me. That is the main thing. Firstly, is to develop that good relationship with ourselves and then of course, self-love and self-care which although they are intertwined, they are slightly ,you know slightly different. Self-love is completely accepting ourselves as I've said and then self-care is nurturing , you know, our mind, body and soul. Making sure that we do make time for ourselves so that we can you know, develop and grow. And secondly, I believe that when we are in a relationship with another human being. Lets take romantic relationship for an instance. That we share the same values, that we share the same dreams and visions for the future and that is not to say that we have to agree on everything because inevitably that's not going to happen and its really healthy to maintain our own opinion on things and make good discussions also at times. So, it's good to share the same values. Share the same dreams and also to have that acceptance of the other person that we are in relationship with and accept that's who they are and that's where they at on their journey also. And, there is compromise sometimes where we give and take. Its a bit like a dance. You know, we got to sort of move and go with the flow and of course, its so important to have fun. It's just so important to have fun because if we are not having fun in what we are doing, you know from where we are living our lives whether its a romantic relationship or a business relationship, a working relationship with your colleagues. You know, its important to have that element in it also. So, just to recap. For me, the secrets to a healthy relationship is to first of all, have that good healthy relationship with yourself, to share the same values and goals perhaps as your partner, to give and take sometimes, you know that's important and to have respect and honor and you know, totally accept the other person as being another amazing human being underneath all the personalities and behaviors etc. And of course, having fun. It's part of it. We should have fun. It's very important ingredient in life.

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