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Stay focus and don't compare


____________Chauncey Scott____________ There's some point in time, you just got to be happy with you, because you, you gotta know that, okay, this is where I'm going, I know I'm going, I know where, where... My focus lies... But this is where I've been, and I'm better doing what I've been before. Or, or, or you address them back, okay, what was different in that point in time? But you gotta use them as frames or whatever. ____________JJ Thiret____________ Yeah, I agree with you, a 100%, but I think, don't we get re-distracted, either by the media... Or by the press, or by things we read, or, or, or, or um, images we see. ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Yes, absolutely. ____________JJ Thiret____________ Talk to, talk to me about that. ____________Chauncey Scott____________ I definitely think, um, you know, the, the media, the images, if you allow those things to bombard you then, you will get attracted and it will become, something that can, can cause you to, just think, oh, I'm not good enough, oh, you know, maybe I'm not far enough where I wanna be, um, but that's the reason why, I mean is, I mean is, what people say, garbage in, garbage out, so that's the reason why, I, I, and... And another thing is, you know, reader dull readers So what you focus on what you read, and what you, what you put into your, your, your, your portfolio, your pouches, was gonna come out. So you always watching, you know, the media, you're watching, you know, a lot of reality TV show, I wanna ask that, you know, you bring me into a candy bar now then, so you need to make sure, that you had that, that kind of balance, but if, you're constantly watching that, and constantly comparing yourself, that's not good. You know, you got it like, you gotta know where you're going, and you got to be able to, and, and that's why, you have a lot of, I'd say yes, so a lot of people you know, self-help books, you know, seminars, and that type of stuff, and that will keep you, kind of in the rights of their mind. You know, if you're, in, in, in, and it's different for every client, somebody's where more religious person, and tell 'em, hey, pray, meditate, you know, you got to, you know, read, your Bible or your Koran, or you know, if you, you see it for yourself um, improvements of the person read, that type of stuff, or something that's going to... Keep you, keep you in the right mind, so... ____________JJ Thiret____________ Keep you grounded, right? Yeah... ____________Chauncey Scott____________ Exactly. Absolutely.

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