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Emotional intelligence allows you to read signals from within your own self


Hi, I'm Janietzche. For me emotional intelligence is like a GPS system. You know the global positioning system. When you get into your car and you need to go somewhere, you turn on your GPS system, punch in the coordinates or the address and it literally gives you step by step, corner by corner, twist by twist, mile by mile, kilometer by kilometer instructions as to exactly how to get to your destinations. I would call it the EPS or emotional positioning system. When your emotional intelligence is strong, stable, it's activated and it's working, it allows you to read signals from other people. The louder to reach signal from within your own self, your intuition, your gut feeling, whatever it is that you might call it. And those feelings are your inner guide system. They are there for purpose specifically to guide you through your experiences in life. And when you allow yourself to trust this guide and to follow it not with blind face but with mental and emotional intelligence, it will take you down the right path every single time. So I have many examples in my own life where at times when I have listen to my EPS system, and at times when I haven't and the results for me and others that I have worked with and friends and family have witnessed and seen is that when that internal guiding system is ignored our experiences become more challenging something that we could have experienced and achieved in a more seamless and effortless manner becomes a lot more of a challenge or becomes a lead us into a very difficult situations which cause us stress, anxiety, etc. So the bottom line for me is that emotional intelligence is a pass way, is a guiding system to self development,shifting your consciousness, succeeding in life, achieving your goals, fulfilling your desires, living a life that is enjoyable, fun, satisfied and satisfactory, and fulfilling for you. Like I said in my other videos, we have all the tools and the answers within us. Our emotional intelligence, our EPS system, is what guides us towards those people, those situations, those resources, and those tools that ultimately aline harmoniously with our desired results, our goals, our outputs. So when you apply this emotional intelligence, you'll find that life flows more easily. Also, it's a very useful tool in, as I've said before, reading other people's signals. And determining what the appropriate response are to those signals. Also understanding what people's true motivations are without them telling you. It provides you with information and data that is useful in your decision making process. So from my perspective, it is something that is important to engage and allow it to guide you and build a relationship with it because when you do that you will find that life flows more easily.

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