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Respect and appreciate your mind and body connection


Hi there! So the mind-body connection. Oh, it's very very strong. I sit here everyday in the office. I [inaudible] come in and suffering from a migraine, they have anxiety. Have you ever been stressed when you got a headache or have you ever have that tight feeling in your tummy when may be know that you are in a difficult situation. That is mind-body connection. And it's quiet phenomenal. And the body is always, always, sending messages, always. You know when you have a pain in your neck, it's saying please look after my neck. But most of the time we don't treat it with respect. Our mind set in my view and our mind is our greatest asset. When you look after your mind and you're so much more in control. And you look after your mind and you treat your body like a temple. But we just don't do that. All we need to become aware of. We looking out [inaudible] and be after our body. If you don't look after yourself, how can you expect anyone else to? So you really are responsible for your body and your own mind. You know, if people coming in here to me everyday, the first thing I said to them, why do you feel that bad feeling and why? And they said, I feel it in my tummy. And I feel as if my tummy is in nuts. It feels like a doll wind up. And I might say something to them like well up down through that pain, up down to that pain and what's the need that then. And eventually we will find that there are which are emotionally should there. So when you don't deal with stress. We all know that this is no big secret when we don't deal with stress. The body will send you messages. It will genuinely send you messages and it might be in the form of a migraine, it might be blood pressure, it might anxiety, it might be an ulcer in your tummy. The mind and the body work hand and hand. If you begin to respect the messages that our bodies are sending us, if we actually look at our own mental stage of mind and if we look at after our bodies, we know we're going to be in a far, far of better shape. It is normally avoid the body, will send messages to the body is almost always trying to send us messages. And the subconscious in all these, with two minds we have the conscious mind, one I'm talking to you now which they say is responsible for 10% of our mind. And then we get the power hugs of subconscious which stores every single net we've thought, idea, everything, the first on you even [inaudible] will remember the taste of it. And it would store everything there. If there are emotional issues that have not been dealt with, these subconscious will send you reminders and it will conclude your body that there might be something that needs to be dealt with. If you need to deal with something, please, please, please, I'm asking to please deal with it. Go talk to someone, get it sorted. Become aware of your body. Allow your body to give you the messages that will give you on a daily basis unexpected and inspect your mind. The mind and body connection is huge and needs to be respected and appreciated. And when you do that, then you can truly live a much more significant, healthy, and happier life.

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