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The positive spiritual reward for releasing the trauma


'----------Adam Adams------- a lot of times in a healing process, when we take away the trauma, there is an incredible positive benefit to be found for the person, there's a reward and if any people want spiritual truth is or religious truth. Releasing trauma, releasing pain, releasing misery is a great way to reconnect with that spiritual truth in and out itself, and so when I see people have an amazing healing experience, it teaches me that there is hope for the future, there is hope for our species, there is hope for a higher more elevated consciousness and we are not doing it. We're plugging in video games where it is normal to shoot people in the head and we think that's ok and now T.V shows are about corpses and they're about warfare and that may speak to our reality because we are at war all the time, we are constantly seeing horrible things happening like but disgusting abuse of children and other things but it is not necessarily true in a sense that I believe that there is a higher truth that is available to us and all we have to do to get to it is seek it and do the work. So how do I feel? I feel like people can do more, people can become more, I feel like when I hear somebody who is meddling along, who is criticizing someone like Tony Robins, BrandonRashad or Wayne Dier or Divac Churper, I find that they are missing the point, these guys are trying to convey that there is more available that there is more money to be found if that's your thing, there's more love to be found, o my goodness there is so much love to be found in the world.There is more healing to be found in the world, more kindness, more compassion, more sense of community, real community in this world where you and I have not physically met can meet and have fun together on this Google talk. This is an age where we should be bonding with people like never before in real terms deeper terms and yet what are we doing? It's more porn, it's more violence, its more I'm going to sell you a chunky piece of misrepresentation to try and get a quick buck and that's a shame.

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