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Everything is connected by a force that is beyond time and space


Today, we're beginning to see that Science is discovering so many ancient spiritual truths. The first one, I mentioned in my earlier talk, is that everything is connected. It is connected by a force that is beyond time and space. It's beyond time and space. We're all connected. We're all connected to the Divine. We're all connected to each other. We're all connected to nature. Science has actually proven that yet if you talk to a wise person or a philosopher, a priest; he will say the same thing. A priest might say you're connected to Christ or God or Mohammed. If you study the ancient scripts they'll say, you know, all things are connected. But now, we've proven it. We have empirical evidence that shows that we're all connected, we're all part of the same consciousness. We're all children of that consciousness or children of God, if you will. Science has a marvelous thing. It helps us in our daily lives but it also eases our mind to understand what the reality of our life is. Science has come a long way. There's a long way to go. There's a lot to discover. We'll learn more and more about how we live in this universe that Science discovers.

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