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How your mood can affect people in your workplace


_______Kyla Tustin_______ basically, everything around us is energy, and stress is a certain energy and it gives off a certain vibrations, so if you imagine that we have a lot of people out there in the world that are stressed, there's a lot of talk about, that uhm, that basically as physiology hasn't changed since ?, and so without ? pumping around ? all of the time, but what used to happen was, the ? used to kick in when the cave man managed to go hunting, and they go hunting and then they come back and then there is ? come back into balance, and they go out again, but what's happening these days is that our stress levels are so high that were constantly in that ? which means that our ?, which that out whole physiological system are indoconsistent, are constantly running on that, and people are not giving themselves enough time to slow down, its always more to do, it's all about the doing rather than the being, so if you imagine if you take one person and we release this8 energy bodies that are waking around into the workplace and you take one who's had a major crisis, not even a major crisis, it might be just a fight to its loved ones before they left to work, they didn't bring that energy into the workplace, and it just starts repealing out, and remember when i was back in my corporate days, i would noticed it, but didn't understand what it was, i would go in someday and i will be in really, like i always in a quit happy mood, and you everyone around you would resonate on that, and you go on another day, and i feel i little bit flatten, and feel everyone around me would start vibrating at that flat energy at the same time, and so what it shows us is that we continually picking up on the energy that is around us, but not just the energy of the person, the energy can get stored within the office environment at the same time, that's why there's so many people these days that do work on space clearing and it's important to have plants and open the windows, because it's about really clearing the space of the energy that people are in, so you've got that one person stepping in, that is in that high stress state, and then that just increasing, and then on top of that we've got all the computer energy, which the people that are sensitive to that energy can really increase that stress within their energetic system, so it's quite a lot of different factors contributing to it, that the more the people enable themselves even at lunch time to go outside, to clear their energy, to do some deep breathing and i guess whatever tools work for them with balancing their own energy then the less stress they'll be running around the office

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