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Some of the pains and joy experienced working as a psychologist


__________Kristina Diener__________ The biggest obstacle that causes me so much pain is mostly to peoples task is like history of abuse so abuse issues to a child is very painful, because I feel like, I feel their pain in that they felt so discarding, dismissed they were dishonored their parents, by parents who abuse them emotionally, physically, sexually and that's a horrific violation so they are going to a person like me to try and regain trust on another human being so with trauma like that, I just want touch on things like the holocaust and, and torture of other people etc.. Acts of gods so to speak tornadoes, volcanoes are not as horrific as what one human being to another person so it's the horror of another person inflicts on another human being that people just cannot believe. That another human being could be so horrible. You could read, about Milgram you've heard about Milgram Stanley? Stanley Milgram and um, Philip Zimbardo those experiments, read about those experiments you'd understand, I mean that-that's unbelievable, that humanity can inflict that kind of horror on another human being. So listening to that it-its hard I mean it takes everything out of me, it's hard to hear you know everybody's pain J.J. you know everybody's pain. __________J.J. Thiret__________ What is your greatest joy? __________Kristina Diener__________ Well when people, when people [?] that I-I feel, I feel I'm a new person, thanks for helping me thanks for everything. __________J.J. Thiret__________ You helped saved their life you're the catalyst. __________Kristina Diener__________ Well th- they initiated so __________J.J. Thiret__________ They did the work __________Kristina Diener__________ Thank you, thank you they did it all and uh-uh so I'm very grateful when someone, when people really demonstrate their desire and ability to change and so that's, that's really what it is all about for me, that's what keeps me very passionate about this profession is people will really get to where they want to go.

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