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Some energy healing techinques are not having the same effect


Energy healing, well this is a huge subject and I'm not sure it can be covered in 5 minutes but Ill do my best to try to answer this. I'm probably going to have again a very different view of healing and where it comes to at this particular time again as we revolve (inaudible) and specially finding ourselves in this new light we've just moving from what we called it third dimension or a dual experience in to a I would say it quantum lead from where we we're than to where we are now and our punches understand it live where we are. there has been also a shift pertaining to the ways that we go about healing and I'm sure that most healing practitioners right now is like experience speaking with many, many, many (inaudible) in the world right now and for the last probably I would say about 8 years they've been noticing a falling off at their practice or where just some of the things and the techniques, modalities the tools or the way that they had been practicing healing before is simply not having the same effect or impact so what I would say to those individuals and to those who might be interested in the healing field is that everything, everything that we have known is pretty much obsolete we have been asked by the beans light in the masters and light realm to pretty much just forget everything that we think we know about pretty much everything and the reason for this is because we can't redefine and renew light and we can't reach into the full expands of what we are here to be and where we're going if we're holding on to old practices, old ways, old tools, old beliefs, old and healing and many of the practices that we have had in the past are (inaudible) they are at some level of belief a structure a wave doing it, a practice, a method, a tool and so in that respect and I mean no disrespect to anyone who is out there doing the beautiful practice of healing or helping you know our fellow humans along their path doing the best they know how with the best intentions but as they will come to understand most of this has served its purpose and it doesnt mean that we can't bring that fold and help to even allow that to unfold and evolve to a higher and new way of expressing in this new light and in this new light there are ways of expressing better completely limitless that will take us to heights that we have never seen before in healing and will open up new doorways and actual new ways and integrating spirit in science and quantum physics and biochemistry and alchemy in that in the presence of healing and we are just at the threshold of the very beginnings of understanding really truly the essence of healing and what we are and most of these new created expressions and the ideas are being downloaded and will be expressing very shortly to (inaudible) symptoms to beautiful light to hear to do that work.

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