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In order to help others, help yourself first


Smart believe that this is never really right time to seek support from a professional. If you really struggling with the challenges in your life and you're battling to deal with the feeling of overwhelmed or stuck, it's okay to ask for help. You know as human beings we have the position that if we ask for help, we're weak, there's something wrong with us. [But act as an illusion.] We don't have to do everything alone. Having support is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. The second thing is, is that putting things off is a form of procrastination. You have some days in a row, when I get to those I deal with that. Unless you deal within a freeze of moment, it's not going to go away. You know, talking to friends like family is hopeful. However, you have to remember that they also have an agenda of how you are meant to be or be in their lives. Seeking a professional to help and support you, gives them or gives you a different way of looking at your life from a different perspective they've observe of your life that are belong in your life. They're there to ask you the questions to bring out the answers that you already know in a safe and support of environment. You have to also ask yourself. How much is this costing me in terms of my relationships, with my children, my husband, my health. How is it fit to me mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And how much longer do I want this to continue? Do I really need to get really really sick before I ask for help? It comes [inaudible] investing in yourself. And the right you have and the worthiness you have to look after yourself. If you put everybody else ahead of yourself and your the last one to look after yourself, you'll be of no help to anybody else around you. You will just get sicker and sicker, either mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. So ask yourself, how much is this costing me in my life? How much am I losing in terms of my health, my relationships. What can I gain from doing more about looking after myself.

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