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Self acceptance is the beginning of self-esteem


Some people constantly find themselves financially poor regardless of income. Is this self-esteem link? It is. But it's also conditioned link. You're born into a certain place and society. In that's for our most people are kept, in that place and society. If you are born poor, you go to poor schools, you get a poor education. You get a poor upbringing. You get deprived of the things that every general public have. You don't have to [inaudible], you live in a poor area. And then you are expected to perform like an person when you have got everything less than everybody else. The average middle class people have a level of standard which is one that everybody use to which is a first standard. That is what the beauty of a democracy is, is that majority of the people get to live a decent quality life. But unfortunately poor people don't yet they're expected to perform and be the same. As people who have had a better, have been born into better families. So, yes, self-esteem is you because you don't feel good enough now. You're not good enough to be in this area because you weren't educated enough or you don't have enough social skills to move in those circles so you don't fit. You don't fit into that. Put then your shoulder while you work and you can get there and you can be comfit. But the problem is, is that everyone of us, lower, poor people, middle class people, upper class people, wealthy people, poor people, average, financially off people, are all the same. There is no difference and they all suffer with low self-esteem. Because they all fit into a box. And they feel low self-esteem is a feeling that you're not good enough. And you're not good enough to be there because you don't have enough money and you have no education. You have not went to the right college or at the right school. You haven't live in the right area. You don't know the right people. But I'm sorry to disappoint you all. But there is nothing out there. There is nothing out there. So you need to go back inside yourself and reclaim your self. You have a right to exist as a person. You truly are. Live from the inside out. Not outside in because there's nothing out there. People boxed themselves into those places and they accept that and that's what's in [inaudible]. Because what to do is in society is that they get a better job. They either earn $50,000.00. Then they get a job for $100,000.00. They move to a bigger house, bigger car, bigger holidays. More expensive clothes, more expensive meals, more expensive toy and entertainment. So they never have any money. Because they feel that's what they have to do. When I'm in [inaudible], and lucky enough be a 50 year old [inaudible]. And when I say lucky, I'm lucky because I remember when people use to be smart. And what they did was they didn't move when they made money they stayed where they were. And they stayed at their level. They didn't want a socially rise and be put into a different box because it's another step of the stairs. They just stayed where they were because they were happy in themselves and about who they were. And they chose cruel, wealth, in the place they were in. And when they felt they wanted to move on. They made up that decisions for themselves. They didn't do it to show other people are to be accepted by other people. And I'm going to use a quote here and I don't know whether I should use a quote but the quote I use is by famous Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh. And he says "To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. And self acceptance is the beginning of self-esteem. When you feel good about yourself, you feel good about everything. And you are good enough just the way you are. And you only need to get what you truly want. Not what somebody else thinks you should have or what you think that somebody else think you should have. Just be yourself and yet whatever you want, whatever makes you happy and you will have a wonderful life.

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