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Fair energy exchange


_______________________Leona Wallace_______________ I mean if we look around us and globally, we seeing how economies and governments are collapsing and changing. There's, you know, there's no argument there. We see a foundation are changing, but what hasn't quite changed yet, is that those same people that have grown all those economies, and governments are still doing everything the same way, because no, they are not giving results. You know, it was like doing the same thing, who's that, is that incenses keep doing the same thing expecting different results? You know, its insanity, insanity? (Laughs) _________________________Madison_______________________ So, give a fans like there is a, what a definition of insanity or intelligence, yeah! _________________________Leona Wallace__________________ So, what's that, what I am learning is it now I've got corporate people coming to me saying, "Well, we are doing the same thing, we are successful before, how come we are not successful now?" Well, have to do it in a different way. Honest, the biggest thing I feel is we have to go over heads, I believe that this world will be governed again by feeling. _________________________Madison____________________ Do you... Do you feel like it is going to change our lifestyles, financially talking? _________________________Leona Wallace__________________ Well, I've already, I've already experienced that. You know, I've... I've see all of these structures, these foundation, these money, structures, so being de-crumbled right? And even myself, I was a [[realture??]] for years. And found that the business just stopped, so we have to discover new ways of doing things, and what I am noticing a lot that happening lately, is bartering. Like all exchange this energy of my coaching for your energy of what your services, yeah, isn't that brilliant, least to do that how long ago? _________________________Madison_________________ Oh, God, right? Like... Hmmm... _________________________Leona Wallace_________________ That's how I get my nails done. That's how I get my hair done. Taking my eyelashes done, I trained my coaching. It's still energy, money is energy, we need to get back to that. We need to have an equal exchange of energy from money for it to flow.

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