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The life force


________Umang Goel_________ when you don't resist it, you welcome them, you... And, then, I teach them techniques to drop the thoughts that some thought is persisting, how do you zone out of it? I teach them those skills. And, I teach them certain breathing... Breathing is the very breath or the life force. It's called the prana, prana of the body, the life force. That's why it's called pranayam. With those techniques and those breathing aspects, you literally are left in that space where you are not attached to any thought. They are coming and going and you don't even know because you are in the space. You are just in that space where you are just... And, so, guess what? I get very passionate about these things. I'm very passionate about it. Imagine an ocean. Now, the surface of the ocean, it may be very wavy, right? It may be literally going up, and then the tidal waves, but as you start going in the inner depths or get on all those alpha, beta, delta waves we are talking about, as you go down, and at the very bottom of the ocean, it's totally calm, it's totally flat that it's nothing else but calmness, no waves whatsoever. And, it's the same thing as sleep, when you are sleeping. Many people say, "Well, I had eight hours of sleep, but you know what? I don't feel rested." ________JJ Thiret__________ Right. ________Umang Goel_________ Of course, not a surprise, and yet some people will sleep two hours and they will say, "Oh, my God! I feel like I've had eight hours or ten hours of sleep." How? It's the same thing as the ocean concept. Many people when they are sleeping, they have gone just deep, just below the surface where their minds are still in chaos, and then that's when they say, they wake up after ten hours and they say, "I'm unrested." And, when they are getting deeper like the ocean, they feel, "Oh, yeah, I did sleep well." Now, imagine when you hit the bottom level of that sleep state, just getting few seconds at that time only, that is when creativity, the productivity is at its maximum potential, that's when you feel, "Oh, my God! I can do this." So, when somebody tells me, "You cannot do this," I said, "Okay. I don't think so. I can do whatever I put my mind to. There is no stop. No human power can stop me. No human power can stop me from doing what I want to do." When it is time for me to stop, He will tell me. He/She, whatever that higher power is, they would tell me. You do not have any authority to tell me that I cannot. And, the analogy is, we all know about one-handed golf player and a one-legged champion skier. If they had heard their doctors and humans tell them, "Your life has ended..." ________JJ Thiret__________ Yes, you can't, right. ________Umang Goel_________ You can't, and that's where I come from, and that's what I teach my students. You are limitless. You are absolutely limitless. And, that you'll achieve the meditation.

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