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Simple tips on how to feel better about yourself


Okay, what are the simple things that somebody can feel better about themselves? Okay, so I think that a short analogy here is something that really fits the bill of there's a saying that says "I was unhappy about shoes I had until I met somebody without feet." So, I think it's all about your perspective, your point of view because that's something that will either tell maybe it'll tell you as to whether you are fortunate or not and it also could be that maybe you are truly blessed but you don't see it. It's hard for you to see it. You see it by stepping away from your life for a moment and just looking at somebody else's life. Look at the challenges that they face. Look at the hardships that they face. And also look at how they deal with it. Look at that attitude. Look at their composure. Look at their presence of mind. And then think, "Now, that guy has that kind of life. He seems to be, you know, doing it. He seems to be fine with it. He seems to be, you know, getting on with his day. And me? I think I have a better life but I'm, you know, unhappy and discontent, you know, whining if you will. I'm, you know, it's fine to whine. Nobody's perfect. But you need to recognize it. And when you recognize it, you need to be able to do something about it. So, I think when you just this simple exercise of stepping away from your life and looking at somebody else's life - somebody who is, who you know, is definitely not as blessed as you; not as well off as you; who does not have the same level of education as you; who does not have the same background as you - just look at how they, you know, live their life. It could be, I'm not suggesting you need to go on some road trip to find this to discover this truth. It could be just in your neighborhood, in your building, or visit your barber, visit your mechanic, visit your the guy that sells fish. I mean, it could be any of these people, you know? People that clearly are, you know, not from the same background as you are and you know, talk to them, actually, I mean I would say even talk to them. Talk to them about how they deal with the challenges that they experience and, you know, what is their secret mantra to success? Or how did they...what is their silver bullet, so to speak? And I think the answer will surprise you. And once you know that, you'll know that you are truly better than your problem and you can beat your problem. And it's all about point of view. So I think you should be very grateful for what you have. Nobody's life is perfect. Trust me, nobody's life is perfect. Everybody has challenges. Everybody has their own pains that they have to deal with. But, hey! Do something about it! Take charge. Own it. And then make it better. I would honestly encourage you to do that. Take care and have a wonderful week ahead.

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