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Release the negativity and think positively


__________Harry Kroner__________ I'll give you an example, I'll give you an example of, of how, amm.. I shifted love a, an, and I can say that, and I see that, and I love seeing it on people, amm.. come to me and I would do a few sessions, they no, they knows difference. I was 10 years ago til 15 years ago, a pretty, ah, a, aggressive driver in everything, everybody was on my way, everything upset me, and it was very difficult to, to a go to a drive, and not being upset, or being a.. a really a.. annoyed to was someone who's not doing well, and __________JJ Thiret__________ A road rang, a road ranger. __________Harry Kroner__________ Yeah, and It will, It wasn't a ranger, but I can say was, I was.. it, I let it affect me. and a lot of us do, let us that affect us, and something like; oh, this person is doing, and you would take it personaly as if it's to there doing it to you, and It's, It's a, In this way, and now i drive and It's actually my downtown. I just sat down, and enjoying kick back, and relax, and every drive i have is just way is just a relaxing, It's just a, and, and all those things, that all those people reactions, and people do, I drive defensively, make sure everything is going well, and I, It's a lot of it is also the positive thinking of life. I know I will arrive on my destination safely, and within the right time, and I give myself to that enough time, and, and drive now. It's just simply, amm.. a ple, a a pleasure, It's just a, a, a just an easy way of seeing thing, and It's, It's, applies in many different ways. If you see food for example, and you think of food is, is something that, that is a difficult for you, It's a struggle, It's, It's a, It's something that is causing you all this feelings and emotions, a, and impulses and reactions, ahh... we's, a help people shifting that perspective and changing it from within and seeing food as what it truly is just a wonderful source of sustenance and, and the, a nutrition to our, to our life, and, and des, detaching that emotional, and reactive connection that we have with , with, again with everything in life, so it, it applies to, to almost everything that you can think of.

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