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Biggest joy of a psychologist.


_________ J.J. Thiret ___________ what brings you and what has brought you besides your lovely wife the biggest joy in your practice um... what is kept you passionate. Um... Specifically, the biggest joy that you just like wow I'm I I knew I was meant to be a psychologist. Always, always, always. _________ Ronald Kaiser___________ Ok well, I mean the obvious question is the patients and their change and so on, but I think the other thing that's giving me the greatest joy is the fact that uh... I've chosen profession where I can be active at a time when a lot of my... the guys I grew up with have retired... are getting sick things of this nature and, and not- not producing anything so that a fact that I have been able to have the feedback of interacting with- with lots of young people in a in a university setting uh... the ability to, to deal with again patients who get better uh and the fact that I can have been able to do uh... you know... some writing and developing the website and talking with you. I mean it uh... this is a great joy I mean there's there's a lot of people again who you know they've gone into retirement something like this isn't something that that they would do it I I have the feeling that people listen to me so it's uh... one of the things that keep me going _________ J.J. Thiret ___________ Yeah. I heard what you're saying is that, the joy is you, is that you can still you have and even now still make a difference,

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