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Science have leapt so far we have forgotten our spirits


Well, what's my response to the statement that Western Science is just starting to really find its space as it being one that gotta close to my heart because what I have noticed, and for too long now, is that the Scientific Community is moving away from the spirit and in fact, the Scientific Community has lost the spirit. Again, because what they cannot see or touch doesn't mean those things are real. I think the community is scared of how I perceive the universal mind. Now, first of all, your mind is nothing else than a computer, okay? Rare think to [inaudible]. Your mind is working to the universal mind, okay? Now, your mind is nothing else than a piece of meat. A computer made of blood, flesh stuck into your body head so it's well protected. Okay now, what science do not perceive or understand just yet, and they will with my help in time, is that there is no difference between your brain, the one of Einstein's, the brain of Louis Turi, or a cure for that man a psychopath, is exactly the same. The same weight, the same density, the same wiring, the same function. What's the difference? The difference is the UCI - Unique Celestial Identity. There are energies such as Pluto - the planet of death, the planet of drama, your [inaudible] is Scorpio. That for these people that operate in [inaudible], they keep away is actually the dramatic eyes, all the natural sarcasm, the intensity of the dark gaze or the green person gaze and you can tactically [inaudible] a Plutonic person by the location of the moon during Scorpio or Plutonic Scorpio. In fact, there are a generation right now which I call the Death Wish generation. And those kids are the one that producing the carnage in our college universities. These are the kids that regenerate with the Plutonic energy with Scorpio, with sex, drama, [inaudible], the gangs. Scorpio wants passion. So they have no fear of death. And these kids are very very intense. But if Western Science is cosmic and conscious, okay I didn't say more honest or any else, I said cosmic and conscious so that they don't feel I'm attacking their intelligence. Then, there is no way for them to find out the real reason why a [inaudible], for example, killed this woman and killed 27 people. You see, what happens is that science do not understand by not offering the cosmic flux to the children. They are actually the reason why those children transpire and translate and transform into evil, into [inaudible]. You know, it is important to understand that you have to teach a child two thousand years of human evolution in such a short time. It is important to teach children to teach them geography, algebra, science, history, God knows what so they can get a high precision success, you know? [Inaudible]. The main essence that the main energy they need is "Who am I?" "Where do I come from?" "Where am I going?" They have no grounding. They have no serious grounding because the teacher is cosmic and conscious and the teacher does not even know himself. The teacher is not able to [inaudible] himself and judge that child with [inaudible] human illogical or rational or limited senses. That's why it's important to self this thinking at a universal level, at a universal range, as God intended us to. God created the stars and the planets to be used as signs so that we may live a safer, more productive life. So that's what it comes down to. So because, you know, so many people like you know the internet, Western Science and [inaudible] have so many so many students that are MDs, that are doctors, that are PHDs, that are who's who who's who in America. In fact, one of them is a doctor of [inaudible] this care of reconstructive surgery took my course. That tells you that the [inaudible] is so big. They cash in the [inaudible] but not so big. And they are willing to slowly but surely to expand. However, there will be, there were some odd case that are the one that all form the Gnostics, skeptics, the people that all born really really attests they have a tremendous [inaudible] energy in their [inaudible]. Okay. They are born the scientists.

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