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What we feel radiates over the atmosphere


I believe everything is energy that we are vibrational being living in a vibrational world and then there's thoughts and emotion act like magnets radiating up from us and attracting people, things, circumstances and other thoughts that are this similar vibrational quality and attracting it to us so basically I believe that Im not a victim Im in control of my life through the power of my thoughts and emotions this is why I meditate everyday thats why I focus on gratitude (inaudible)and really trying to feel this feeling of gratitude and (inaudible) appreciation to make (inaudible) to my family and for everyone I meet because that is the highest vibration we can aspire to and the weird feeling of starts of love and gratitude (inaudible) I would feel in ourselves (inaudible) with it we are radiating and it starts feeling out in to the world and Im like little messenger standing out and looking for other people and things that match up with that so we are more than that with the kind of life situations that we want to encounter in others words if you're in a really bad mood and you're focus on spreading that around with many people as you can you can be attracting (inaudible) than match up with that you're going to see a cracked magnet but if you're setting up lots of love and appreciation you can (inaudible) not only that you (inaudible) so much better you're going to encounter other people and thoughts and thing that match up with that so this is what's known as the (inaudible) creator in other words Im not just living my life or by accident whatever happens to me happens to me anyway react to it and then deal with it however the best I can Im not reacting as much as Im setting (inaudible) place Im setting my expectations and Im looking if with happy anticipation to see those intentions fulfilled and to see them at thats in my life so I wanted to have happy relationships I focus on best qualities I can about that person and then I see more than that and if I were to experience abundance I look around and I notice all the abundance already in my life and that I experience more of that because what we focus on expands so this will be (inaudible) well for several years and I really am happy to spread this message to anyone who is interested in hearing it and Im happy to provide them with tools and it is so important to me to spread this beautiful news that we are not victim that we are in control of our lives and I think that this is a wonderful and so empowering so I invite you to play with this concept and see how it feels to you try out (inaudible) you might find that it fits just right. Thanks for listening have a great day, bye.

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