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Rewriting trauma by way of experiencing it again


__________JJ Thiret__________ if you told me "yeah I've been to the top of sears tower, there's a great restaurant up there and you can see all of Chicago, you can see Wisconsin and you can see uhm...Lake Michigan, great and uhm... and you go up an elevator goes a hundred and fifty-one floors up or whatever it is, and you give me total explanation of everything until experience it, I'm not going what it's like. __________Timothy Hayes__________ I have to agree. The.. That's the core of the work in coherence therapyand you cannot just do talk therapy. The core of the work coherence therapy which used to be called depth oriented brief therapy understands that you have to help people into their own felt experience which again is generated by their own thoughts but strongly enough that they let themselves go into experiential mode and they're not just talking to you about what they think. __________JJ Thiret__________ They're feeling what they think. __________Timothy Hayes__________ They have to have the feeling so you have have to develop the techniques for talking to people in a way that elicits their own effective response in the session we have to do visualizations, we have to do breath work we have to have people let themselves, just like in the example I was using, let yourself go to anger. Well, when I'm working in depth oriented brief therapy with people, I have to say "let yourself go back and feel just what it was like when your father was yelling at you and you're only twelve years old and you're in front of your friends and it was that humiliating let yourself get back in touch with that" if I get that accessed accurately, I will start to feel the physical sensations that I felt when I was twelve and then I know I've accessed to the neural pathways and then I've created an opening for it to be rewritten.

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