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Pursue your passion and live yourlife in fulfillment


_______Madison _______: What are some of the main goals that people come to you with? _______Andrew _______: Time management skills, learning how to delegate, ahh, how to stop micromanaging, umm, then there's the bigger picture as far as what do they wanna change their life, more times than not, they look into start having the life they really want, dig a new job, or the job they've always dreamt of having? Or something they, as one client I had, actually she learned first since I was, when I was, I was just still in learning, how to be a coach, that I actually still coach that was a, 9 years ago when I first started. That was in the hospital industry, and wanted to become a minister, of all things, and I thought it was quite the stretch. What'll become. _______Madison _______: Hehehehehe..... _______Andrew _______: You know, and that point she was fifty, 55 years old. She's 64 now and since that she had became, become a spiritual minister. She was able to write a book. She created a CD. She started taking up art, and teaching people how to do art, and now, she's looking at how she'll compile that all into one package right now, because she, she, she looks back what she's been doing the past 9 years, she's going, I never thought I'd be doing all these other things, compared to what I initially thought my, your coaching would then, it would be like. Now, these other areas have been revealed to me just like pursuing my passion. _______Madison _______: That's amazing, and I'm, I'm sure that she's, she's living her life in fulfillment. _______Andrew _______: And that's the key thing, that, she, she always have this um, thought, in the background which you'd love to do but she did not know how'd she get there. _______Madison _______: I see.

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