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Being the best that you can be


Hi my name is Glyn MacLean from New Zealand and I want to talk about being your best mate in the mind body connection how relevance is that to, to being the best you can be and, in my day job Im an national path mentor for an IT software company and then in my hobby job I am the Korean (inaudible) for an international recording artist to a singer by the name of Yuria Ive watch Yuria in to the north American market through previous TV by signing Yurias (inaudible) the music producer for the late great Luciano Peverossi so in terms of successes I have successes on the IT firms as the national path manager Im developing a business advisory program teaching accountants to deliver business advisory to through their clients to improve returning investment and profit growth and the music side Ive launch that in North America to North East and the tens and millions that artist is a, a hit selling artist number one in New Zealand and now being known internationally so Ive had to focus on achievement in order to achieve those goals that I have in mind and I work on this along the way is that you need a lot of energy to pursue your goals so typically people think well you can only pursue one thing at a time because really you only have the energy to do a 48 hour week and, and successfully and, and thats it so you really need a lot of energy if you want to achieve your goals where are you going to get that energy from clearly youre going to apply your mind to the, to these that you do day to day to your goals but you, your brain really not going to go where your body takes you so if you run, if your body is not well, youre not going to have much achievement because it has been most of the time trying to fix your body so prevention and thats preventions with panic cure if you can invest in fortifying your body being really you create a foundation for achievement youre setting yourself up for success because youre going to be energize so what are the things that energize you and what are the things that dont well you might want to look into Anthony Robbinss alkaline versus acid diet and I, and I think that has a quite an important sense of energy or, or, achieving maximum (inaudible) to achieve the goals that you have in life and ensuring that youre (inaudible) and (inaudible) of the kinds of sicknesses that can stop you from achieving your dreams its really important to be able to identify that the fundamental basics are really the way to get to your dream youve got to fortify your body with really good diet and exercise and sleep those three things so its really simple if we eat real foods, fresh vegetables and if we get the adequate and have a sleep for ourselves each night between 6 and 8 hours for most people then we probably going to be okay, we probably going to have the kind of prevention that we need to keep ourselves on track for good health, for not in good health then things like I suck and fail or (inaudible) or other factors coming in and trust you and me theres been a lot more money on cure then you would on prevention so you can afford not to invest the time each day to do those things those simple things right and then actually make sure that youre fortified, youre energize and you actually have the time to do the things that you love and achieve.

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