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Learning the basics of meditation with the help of an expert


__________Tom Von Deck__________ Alright breath is the very [?nude?] object to focus, and the breathing calms you down when you do some deep breathing you-you're going to be calmer. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Hmm. __________Tom Von Deck__________ Um, breath is, intimately connected with, awareness when you, uh, when you don't want to feel something maybe someone's yelling at you, like your breath is going to shut down a little bit, I-it's going to become a little bit restricted and that's the egous way of trying not to feel something, trying not to experience. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Hmm. __________Tom Von Deck__________ So, so I don't keep from use breath as an object to focus because, because that the more deeply calmly your breathing, the more, away you are in the last experience your, your resisting. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Let's say there is a person, well I'll take myself for example and let's say what I do but let's say, I don't meditate and I come to you and I say okay well I'd like to learn more about meditation um, but I heard that, it takes a lot of practice before I could really like, experience things and am I going to be seeing things? Or is this going to be scary? Or is this dangerous? Or, tell us about that. __________Tom Von Deck__________ Well, its cumulative the effects are cumulative a-and uh, at least to the unfolding of consciousness and sometimes you're going to, become more aware than you like to be, and that's, it's like when you lift weights, your muscles get torn up a little bit and then they regenerate I-its, it's that kind of process. __________J.J. Thiret__________ So it's cumulative which is a sometime you become more conscious of what, then you really want to be? __________Tom Von Deck__________ Sometimes you what, in your journey if you're meditating regularly you-you'll see parts of yourself that you never really want to go look at. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Oh! A-ha-ha. __________Tom Von Deck__________ Let's say you might experience overwhelmed sometimes, k-kind of like the tearing of muscles when you are lifting weights. __________J.J. Thiret__________ So, what do you and do what does a person do with that, Tom? __________Tom Von Deck__________ Well so-some sometimes in some cases you can pull back a little bit, and just uh, you would a little bit less or- or- or you could just and just take it easy on yourself because you're going to experience that overwhelmed sometimes, sometimes its light and sometimes I-its uh, an emotional crisis but that's just all a part of clearing uh, tension, we have all kinds of tension within us. __________J.J. Thiret__________ So, being in the world that we live in, and uh, especially in this country um, and were barrage by advertising with um, lose weight in 30days by taking this pill, and it's all in 9.95 but if you order now we will send you too much um, and, people, ordering fast food because of busy schedules and people, I guess kind of, getting used to wanting, and even, maybe further needing them immediate gratification. What do you tell people when they say, well I want to meditate I want to be able to do that, how long is it going to take me? Tom. __________Tom Von Deck__________ Well, unless if you have goals, if you have goals of having like another body experience or something well that, th- that could take time. But at generally meditation that there's, no real, goal, um, in, other than awakening, so you'll just practicing I-it's a, it's a practice so, you'll just practicing every day just like a musical instrument, where you are practicing being present with yourself, being present with your environment.

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