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Get to know yourself


Things that I love to do to help myself feel a little better because we're I'm not immune to getting the blues some of the things that I do number one I love a clean place, I love a clean house with a busy schedule and kids and work it's really difficult to juggle everything so sometimes Ill treat myself to having someone coming and clean the house not every week, not every month but somehow a clean house just makes me feel better so that might be something that you want to try another thing that I love to do is to spend time with people that I love and people that love me there's no better feeling than having my nieces and nephews and my children around telling me stories and singing and dancing I love that or just seating with a glass of wine with a really good girl friend and just chatting about life another thing that's very helpful Dr. Oz talks a bit often is to get with your honey, get with your husband or your wife and become really intimate with them, throw off care, throw off worries, throw off the bills, throw off the cares of life and just make love and get lost in that intimacy and get lost in that feeling of peace that's often very helpful another thing that I find is really, really helpful is a good time, a good walk, a good drive in nature looking at the grass, looking at the trees specially in the fall when things are changing color it really gives you some perspective get out there and see some green, get out there and see some green it really does wonders for the body and for the soul and when I can't get out what I love to do is I love to think about the sun, I love to think about the ocean and I love to think about green grass and there's something about those thoughts as you replay them in your mind there's something about those thoughts that really make you feel centered and warm and happy my last thing is to make yourself feel better and helpfully for the long term is to get to know your strength get to know what makes you, you do a survey, do strength finders (inaudible) I know Marcus Buckingham has a new book and apparently it's quite good he also has an assessment in there get to know yourself there's nothing better than knowing the best attributes of yourself and feeling needed by the world so get to know yourself that's the best gift I can definitely say to give to yourself and it really does makes you feel better.

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