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Turning negativity into a positive outlook


__________JJ Thiret__________ Okay so what about the dist..the argument that the young man that committed the horrific crime at Sandy Hook? That games on the internet or violence on TV or other media uh... coverage regarding columbine high school which is a ten minute drive from here uhm.. being an outside influence? __________Timothy Hayes__________ Well, it's definitely an outside influence but the proof that it isn't the cause is that lots of other people have had the same exposure and they didn't do the same thing so it's always this complex mesh of what I got from my parents energetically and genetically, what my life experiences have been and what I have chosen to do with them. So it's a very very complex system. But just like any other system, the old computer term garbage in, garbage out. You know uhh..for decades...for decades I've been telling my client's "turn off the news it's not news. It's got us the worst of the worst stuff happening from around the world" and there's a reason my eyes could only see a certain distance and my ears can only hear from a certain length and that is, I can only handle so much. __________JJ Thiret__________ Selective inhibition __________Timothy Hayes__________ But I I I guarantee you uh... if I could hear everything that's happened in my community, all the good, all the neutral stuff and all the bad stuff, I'd be fine because some traumas happened but I can get over there and help I can donate clothes or I can help somebody pushed their car out or I can pray with people who've lost a child but if I..if I'm getting the news from around the globe, it's not news it's just the worst of the worst and I can't go help, pretty soon I'm overloaded, and I'm burned out and I feel like it's helpless, it's hopeless. But, you know, if you listen to the news after something like Sandy Hook, you start to think "Oh my God, world's falling apart!" But the fact of the matter is, if that was going on in this world is what we see on the news, it would have crumbled in on itself decades ago. __________JJ Thiret__________ Sure Yeah __________Timothy Hayes__________ But there are hundreds of thousands of people everyday doing, loving, charitable, giving, helping, creative things, and just look at if you put a different filter on the sandy hook thing, look at the outpouring of love and prayers and one person did something crazy and violent and hundreds of thousands if not millions of people responded with love, prayer, gifts, support, therapist that go there and donate their time. So if you have the whole balance, you see, the news is not news, the news is just a way to get ratings and they have this very narrow band of sensationalism.

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