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Meditation practice and its health benefits


__________J.J. Thiret__________ I-I guess I have a question, those intrusive thought that you speak of above? Um, that you the monkey, monkey mind I guess right? __________Tom Von Deck__________ Yeah. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Okay, um, is the monkey mind could that be also, I guess it could be. Could it be about that's happening now? Like you hear a cargo by wire meditating and your monkey mind focuses on it by a brief second, or is it about past or future thoughts, or all? __________Tom Von Deck__________ Yeah, all of the above like, whatever it is that arises in the consciousness, with meditation you are going to calmly observe it, and uh, and then that, then you are not reacting, to things these much you're not reacting to your thoughts of, clinging to your thoughts. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Hmm, you're just. __________Tom Von Deck__________ Present with what's going on. __________Tom Von Deck__________ That's a process that's not really a goal because it's that, I-it's just that, a continual, process your practicing [??] you get better and better at it. __________J.J. Thiret__________ What are the obvious benefits, to dealing with meditation um, in- in- in your life or in what someone could expect to, to um achieve what are the, what are the obvious benefits. __________Tom Von Deck__________ A brain coherence is one of them, so it will increase the amount of, uh synapses in the neurons of the brain. Then you have a greater flow of communication, you have a lot more channels for communication is flowing, and- and uh, the different parts of the brain will synchronize, to not just the left and the right hemispheres but the whole brain kind of comes together as a whole, and there are more connections between, between neurons and that leads to greater intuition, greater energy that uh, are easier learning a whole lot of things. __________J.J. Thiret__________ so um, In doing the meditation, is it something where someone needs a certain posture do their eyes need to be closed, can they be doing it while they're driving, can they do it while they are, laying down um, what do you recommend or how do you practice? __________Tom Von Deck__________ Okay, normally, I close my eyes because I'm doing it at home but if I'm doing, something like concentrating on my breath or a much or a something I can do that while driving with my eyes open, I-it just, it just depends it, so when I do my meditation formally I'm at, I'm at home sitting on something else I'm probably sitting on this chair right here __________Tom Von Deck__________ And then my eyes are going to be closed but if that. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Yeah okay, how long do does someone normally meditate, um, do you recommend and , do you find that, the time, is it something starts to really getting into it? Do you think they have been meditating for five minutes and it has been two hours, does that happen where passage of time? __________Tom Von Deck__________ That could happen if you get really deeply a-absorbed, I think it might begin [??dorphins stead the stuart time??] But sometimes, a- and the meditation releases endorphins which is your natural opiate.

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