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Parents' responsibility


____________JJ Thiret____________ So how do you see that as, having a, an effect, because I'm guessing that do you do some life coaching maybe with um, some younger? ____________Chauncey Scott____________ And that's for some kind of keep. Keep the kids from getting more will being slightly, you're talking about the biggest loser this season. You also gonna have um... Yeah, I mean, that, that is definitely something that, I think, that's the parents' responsibility to make sure that, their and still in... I mean, television's not bad, there's a lot of, of, of lessons that can be learned there. Um, it's funny today, it's present as they, and my daughter's home, she's watching, a lot of people know, um, kind of, if, if, you're a little bit older, the, the Leonard people, you know, so, you know, she's watching the Leonard people, Leonard, where it counsels about sounds, and that type of stuff. So there is a place for it, and that same point in time, that, that, you know, you got to have that activity outside, so you gotta have that, that play time outside... But you don't spend time with your, your, your, kids or your family now. You gonna have that, that time to put that meal, meal time and you know, the reading will, will help your, help your brain, and ah, you know, also like you said, the games that will help you logic. So that is something that you know, it, it, my opinion is the parents' responsibility, but, that's another thing, you gotta stay in the now, you can't be so worried about next week and tomorrow, and all that kind of stuff, that you're so worried about that, that you're, ah, spending so much time. You know, trying to get ahead... But you don't spend time with your, your, your, kids or your family now.

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