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Our mind and our bodies work together


I spent many years actually thinking that ,you know, I didnt have to worry about my body. Ive got wonderful for the battle of youth that you know, it didnt matter if I didnt take exercise, it didnt matter what I ate , what I drank. My body would be fine, it would be super strong. I had a strong mind and it was always going to be mind over matter anyway. And then you know, as I hit my late 20s I had a number of relatively minor health issues. For the first time, I began to question, Oh whats going on here? . And gradually, I began to learn that you know, I have to listen to my body . I have those work with my head. Ive always worked when I needed my brain. My brain was important to me. But sometimes my brain is overload and I would just needed to stop. And so my body would suddenly announce that it truly need to stop. And so I have learned over the years to actually listen, that when my body says stop, when I get tired, when I get lethargic, its time to actually stop. It maybe that I physically need a rest. But equally importantly, it happens when I also mentally need a rest. However, I think it is important that you know, Ive always had a bias towards mind but as Ive grown older, I have become very very clear, that our mind and our bodies work together. They work together and when we have them in harmony, we are stronger and we are better able to deal with the world. So when we are physically looking after our bodies, when we are physically getting the rest that we need, at the same time we are mentally nourishing ourselves and giving ourselves the rest and nourishment our mind needs. To me, the two at this stage are so totally intertwined that when I see clients, I very much will always check in with them to make sure that the practical things of sleep, eating habits, exercise, are all been addressed because they are all interrelated. To me, the link is very very strong and the more we understand the interrelationship between our mind and our body, the more we listen to our mind and our bodies, the better way that we are to face the challenges of day to day living.

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