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Bad effect of having an ego


________________________Madison____________________ what really is our ego? What is this thing that's making us rush through life? That's our own enemy, how do you define that? ____________________Leona Wallace___________________ How do I define it? I know what my ego says here, right? It's that chatter, it's that programming that's been there for years, and it's a program that is running, running, running, running, running, like a broken record of anyone knows who that, without this anymore. (Laughs) ________________________Madison_______________________ (Laugh) And [[fishery??]] all that, yeah. ______________________Leona Wallace____________________ Oh, yeah! A digital recording right, right? Something to have my iPhone my iPad so... And it's so I defined this is how I simplify it for people because when people come to me, and just needs to be simplified because everything is so complicated. There's so much information out there, right? Like, so when people come to me, they are looking for simplicity to me and slowing down so they can get there. So, I say, "Here is your ego" right? Your ego is not there to serve you, you ego is there, but really to take off. It doesn't want you to enjoy anything. It's just wanting you to go, and check of the lists, and get things done. Really, is it serving you? And I say well, how do I gather my head? How do I gather my ego? Good question, because for years, I couldn't figure that out, because I am lies everything, and till I keep me ahead it. (Laughs)

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