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Gratitude and its importance


______Milena Ciren___ , I can share actually a very personal experience about the gratitude and why it is important. Uh, there was a time when I was in the- at the end of the road with my life. It's interesting how every person that works in personal development has a story like that. But maybe we need these stories so we can share something. But anyways, I was in a very difficult situation, I had two kids and uhm, my husband at the time, he, he was uh... threatening us and uhm cut us, cut off all the financial means and everything so I basically had nothing to, to support my kids with and it was tough time in my life and uh...I was.... Madison Was this in Slovenia or...? Milena No this was here in Canada, yes. Madison In Canada, wow, yeah. Melina ..and it was really really difficult. And I was even thinking about, I was contemplating in a suicide and things like that because I said "Wow, there is nothing left for me here", right? And at that point, one day I said "But look, how great it is! I have time for my kids now. We have some food to eat. We have these broken dishes, so what? But it is something. And I started being grateful for the little things. I started being that we can go for a walk, that there's a sunny day, that we have some clothes to put, that we have friends that look after us. I started appreciating everything and you will not believe how my life changed. I started seeing things from a different point of view. Things were not dark anymore. It was sunny, it was beautiful and things literally start changing for us for the better. It's not just in the mind. We think "Oh, yeah, but we change only here but, you know, the circumstances are still the same". But it's not true. Circumstances started to change at that point. And that's why I'm such a huge advocate for gratitude and I teach people about it. Because when you start being grateful for what you have in your life, the more good things show up for you. The more great people walk into your life. And that is a fact. It's like, you know, it's a law of attraction basically, right? You, you literally get what you're putting out there.

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